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You Can Be a Part of the Weekly Farmers’ Market!



Have you ever considered being a farmer’s market vendor? Every Saturday throughout the summer some of the most amazing fruits, vegetables, meats and breads travel from local farms and gardens to the historic railroad depot on Richmond Road for Lassen Land and Trails Trust’s weekly market.

The market  serves as a community meeting place, attracting a wide array of customers interested in a variety of products, such as healthy locally grown produce and meats, as well as other local products. The market is also a family event that offers an opportunity for the wealth of local farm goods to reach local family’s tables.

LL&TT will again host its weekly Farmers’ Markets during the summer at the Depot and Visitor Center.
Hannah Tangeman’s Hulsman Ranch produces nationally known grass-fed lamb and beef.

The produce is fresh and tasty, the atmosphere lively and the folks showing up to sell their wares are more a part of a family than just singular vendors. The farmer’s market allows people to get to know the folks who produce the food, some of which is picked fresh from the garden just hours before the market begins.

How do you become a part of the fun?

The certification process to sell products at the market is fairly simple. Hannah Tangeman, a long-time local producer, explains the requirements and the benefits of selling at the Saturday morning events.

“Start with a visit to the Lassen County Ag Commissioners office,” says Tangeman, “It’s as easy as a phone call to 251-8110 to schedule an appointment to complete the Certified Producers Certificate that documents for buyers that you are the farmer that raised the product they are purchasing.”

“You will need to bring a list of the varieties of fruits, nuts, vegetables, herbs, honey, shell eggs, cut flowers or nursery stock that you raise plus provide them with your physical address.”

Along with the list of products the Ag Commissioner also needs a map of your growing site (hand drawn is sufficient as long as its legible), the expected volume of production and when you intend to harvest.

Tangeman explained that the Ag Commissioners office will likely do an inspection of your farm location so that the public can be certain that it is locally grown. This for a mere $10 fee that will allow you to be a certified farmer.

“The office is willing to work with growers to be able to sell commodities to the local community”, Tina Hilburn, Deputy Agricultural Commissioner, added when speaking about their role in the farmers market.

As Tangeman can attest, growing for local buyers is rewarding experience – join your friends and neighbors at the only certified market in Lassen County at the Depot on Richmond Road hosted by Lassen Land and Trails Trust.

LL&TT’s weekly summer market is a fun and easy way to sell your products and services, advertise your business and interact with your local community. The market gives you the chance to partner with other producers and artists to encourage community members to keep our money local and to support our agricultural lands and our producers.

Most importantly… its fun!

Farmers’ Market Manager Amy Shepherd can assist you with all of the formalities involved; she is the resident expert on WIC and EBT, both programs are a big part of the market’s commitment to the local community and help make quality locally-produced fruits, vegetables and meats affordable for everyone.

For more information you can call Shepherd at (530) 257-3252 or visit the Trust online at www.lassenlandandtrailstrust.org

Click here to download the 2015 Farmer’s Market Vendor Application

Click here to download the EBT agreement

Click here to download the WIC fact sheet

Every Blooming Thing’s Kitchen Crew at last year’s market

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