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Job Announcement: Lassen Community College: Maintenance Specialist II


Lassen Community College:
Maintenance Specialist II

Job Details

Maintenance Specialist II
First Review Date:10/14/2022Months of Employment: 12-Months
Salary: $40,417.50 – $49,125.14 annually

Job Category:

Provides a variety of semi-and-skilled work in the maintenance, alteration and repair of facilities and buildings. Works primarily in a single area of specialization (locksmith, painter, roofing, masonry, general carpentry, grounds, for example), yet is fully qualified and capable of performing related work at this level of skill and assisting others in higher classifications (advanced carpentry, electrical, plumbing, e.g.). 

Education and Experience:

The position requires a High School diploma or equivalent plus special training in one or more of the building trades (general carpentry, painting, masonry, locksmith, or roofing). Requires a minimum of 2 years experience at the journey level in at least one area of specialization.Qualifications:


Requires a working knowledge of the principles, practices, methods, techniques, materials, tools, equipment, layouts and set-ups used in the incumbent’s area of specialization. Requires a working knowledge of the uses and purposes of general maintenance, hand and power tools and equipment. Must be thoroughly familiar with safety orders of the Industrial Accident Commission related to area of specialty.  Requires sufficient communications skills to convey information to co-workers and contractors.


Requires the ability to perform the essential duties in the area of specialization at the journey level with minimal supervision. Must be able to use and maintain all of the tools, equipment, vehicles used during routine performance of duties. Requires the ability to organize and guide others in projects within the incumbent’s area of specialization. Requires the ability and initiative to independently develop methods and techniques in the interest of effectiveness and efficiency. Must be able to read and understand blueprints and schematic drawings. Must be able to understand and follow oral and written instructions, maintain routine records and interpret plans and specifications found in area of specialization. Must be able to obtain cooperation of and maintain harmonious relations with the employees in other departments contacted during routine performance of duties. Requires the ability to work variable schedules and travel to various sites to complete projects and support special events.


Requires the ability to stand for extended periods of time, walk up to 1000 yards, and manipulate (lift, carry, move) light to medium weights of 10 to 50 pounds on a regular basis, pushing, pulling and guiding materials over 50 and up to 100 pounds on an infrequent basis. Climbs ladders, scaffolds and lifts up to 60 feet, stoops, kneels, and crouches on a regular basis. Requires sufficient hand-eye coordination, hand and finger dexterity including ability to grasp small devices and tools, and visual acuity to operate specialized equipment, read small incremental instruments, and read technical (including blueprints) and safety information.


Requires a valid California Driver’s License


Work is performed indoors and outdoors where significant health and safety considerations exist from physical labor and handling of materials. Work is sometimes performed in septic areas and on rooftops.

Performs some or all of the following independently or in participation with a Maintenance Specialist III or higher, depending on the area of assignment and the ability of the employee.

Participates in inspections and performs repairs and maintenance to facilities and buildings of the College.

Performs basic painting and varnishing duties. Paints walls, doors, rooms, buildings, parking lots, and other surfaces as required. Uses spray equipment or brushes. Prepares and finishes various surfaces. Prepares surfaces by water blasting, scraping, using commercial paint removers, fills cracks and holes or sizing plaster walls. Applies paint, varnish, and other protective and decorative finishes in a manner that reflects senior-level skill and ability.

Performs urgent plumbing repairs. The Specialist II will also assist the Plumber in inspecting, maintaining, and repairing complete plumbing systems, including fluid flows (e.g., natural gas) in addition to water and sewage.

Performs a variety of general carpentry duties. Under the guidance of a Master Carpenter, constructs, fabricates, installs, repairs or replaces doors, walls, signs, desks, counters, shelves, shelf units, computer tables, chairs, benches, tables, sheds, scaffolds, forms, frames, window frames, fences and stairways. Participates in the construction of temporary and permanent buildings and structures.

Inspects roofs. Repairs roof leaks and potential roof leaks. Performs preventive maintenance of roofs. Makes and keeps repair records and photo files on all major repairs and re-roofing.

Performs a variety of masonry duties including construction and repair of masonry walls, screens, retaining walls, benches, edgings and facings.

Operates heavy and light equipment including, but not limited to back hoe, front loader, forklift, and snow removal machinery.

Plants and cultivates trees, grass, flowers, and shrubs. Sprays for control of insects, weeds, and plant diseases. Applies fertilizer as needed. Spades and otherwise prepares grounds for planting.

Mows lawns, trims shrubs, hedges, and trees. Hoes weeds and rakes lawns. Operates power riding lawn mowers, sprayers, common trucks, and other motorized equipment requiring similar skill.

Installs, repairs and replaces landscape irrigation systems following blueprints, sketches or verbal instructions. Designs and prepares plans for irrigation systems.

Installs, adjusts, maintains and repairs electronic timers. Installs, inspects and performs major repairs to electronic and hydraulic valves and controllers. Replaces and repairs a wide variety of sprinkler heads and lines by removing, disassembling and replacing worn or broken parts.

Inspects the installation of irrigation systems and equipment by outside contractors.

May participate in projects such as wiring communications lines between and within structures.

Maintains required records and makes reports. Prepares reports on work completed and materials used.

Performs basic preventive maintenance servicing on air-conditioning and heating systems. Changes filters. Greases and oils bearings, motors, and compressors per specifications and standing procedures.

Performs basic electrical servicing such as changing lights, ballasts, outlets, and switches, following established procedures.

Operates and performs minor maintenance of light equipment including light tractors, skip loaders, and other labor saving devices.

May maintain grounds. May train and guide the work of student workers performing labor, custodial, or grounds keeping work.

Performs related duties as required to accomplish the requirements of the position. May perform the duties of Maintenance Specialist I on an intermittent basis depending on need


The Maintenance Specialist II is the second level in a multi-skilled Maintenance Specialist series, requiring general experience in one area of specialization and additional skills and abilities in related areas. Advancement to Maintenance Specialist III is possible in the electrical, advanced carpentry, and plumbing areas providing the incumbent is licensed (or carries similar credentials) to perform that level of work.

Required Documents:
Cover Letter, Resume/CV, Unofficial Transcripts (Degree Posted)

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