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LMUD Presents: This Day in Susanville History – November 29, 1940

Unidentified men in a field just east of Susan Hills in 1937. ~Courtesy of UC Davis, Special Collections

Lassen Seed Passes Tests
November 29, 1940

For the first time in the history of Lassen County, Calif., locally grown seed will be “Calapproved” by the state seed committee of California, according to an announcement this week by T. S. Brown, county agent.

Two wheats, know as Pacific Bluestem and White Federation, were tested for three years in the local test plots and found to be equal, if not superior, yielders to other commonly know varieties, In addition, Brown states they carry disease-resistant varieties.

White Federation, which was produced by Tro Emerson, Lassen county farmers, is resistant to both rust and smut and is in high demand throughout the state of California since it is adaptable to a variety of conditions.

Fred Hall, Ralph King and George Elledge, all farmers of the Lassen area, may have smut resistant Pacific Bluestem wheat for sale, according to Brown.

These supplies of wheat are now being cleaned, and if they measure up to their standards of purity and germination, they may be Calapproved by the state seed committee and each sack given a metal seal for identification.


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