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LMUD Presents: This Day in Susanville History – May 26, 1924

The Elk’s Lodge in the early 1920’s from a photo postcard.

Susanville Elks Install New Lodge
Newest Organization in West Starts Off With 200 Charter Members
May 26, 1924

Susanville is a mass of color and a holiday spirit prevails as 500 of the antlered herd, B. P. O. E. gathered tonight from all of Northern California and Nevada to celebrate the installation of a new Elks Lodge, Susanville lodge B. P. O. E., 1487. The baby lodge starts with 200 charter members, of which 141 were new candidates for initiation. Sixty demits from other lodges joined as charter members and 100 more demits have not yet arrived from home lodges.

Judge E. E. Gaddis of Woodland, district deputy for the northern district is in charge of the ceremonies and the Oroville team conducted the initiation and put on the work. This honor was delegated to the Oroville lodge by District Deputy Gaddis because Oroville, until today, was the baby lodge of California. Exalted Ruler Baldwin of Oroville will preside, accompanied by 50 Elks from Oroville.

The exalted ruler of every lodge in Northern California is present, accompanied by a large delegation. Large delegations have come from Reno, Redding, Red Bluff, Lakeview, Chico, Sacramento, San Francisco, Dunsmuir and bay cities and Susanville is taxed to capacity to care for the crowd.

The festivities began at 12:30 on the arrival of the train from outside points which was crowded with Elks. The Elks band met the train and led a parade up Main street to the Elks’ Home at the head of Main street. This band then met a delegation of almost 100 Elks from Westwood who came in automobiles and another parade ensued. Westwood is affiliating with the Susanville lodge and has 32 candidates to be initiated into the new lodge.

The streets of Susanville are covered with streamers and flags and every electrolier is hidden with the purple and white and a huge sign of welcome. Every business house is decorated and every automobile bears an Elks pennant. Susanville has turned out in a body to welcome the visitors and every home is thrown open.

At 6:30 p.m. a huge parade formed at the head of Main street and marched through the business section. In the parade were the 141 candidates dressed in all manner of costume from bathing suits to full dress. Each one had a stunt to perform and bore his misfortunes in true Elk fashion. Also every Elk was in the parade which stretched out for six blocks. At the close of the parade all gathered at the lodge hall for the installation and initiation which lasted until almost midnight, Supper was served at midnight.

Susanville obtained its charter by special dispensation of the grand exalted ruler two months ago after the local Elks who had been banded together in an Antlers club for the past two years demonstrated the need for a lodge and showed a population of 3467 for Susanville. Every assistance was given the petition by the other lodges of California and the Reno lodge to which most of the Susanville Elks belonged.

The Susanville lodge 1487, has made remarkable progress as a lodge and starts with a beautiful $15,000 home which is now fully paid for. This home stands at the head of Main street on an eminence overlooking the town and is one of the show places of Susanville.

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